Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Men of Gatsby

Jay Gatsby



In the great Gatsby, each man represents different goals, characteristics, and social level. They are all different men coming together so it makes “a small community”, which shows the society at the time, they are mainly Nick Carraway, Tom Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, and George Wilson.

Nick, first of all, is the narrative of the novel. He represents pure “new money”. He earned all by himself. But that way he doesn’t have much social activities until he met Gatsby.

Gatsby is“new money” too, but with all the complex background. He represents the illegal activities which made him a lot of money. He is also a dreamer. We can say he is a successful American who achieved his American dreams: being wealthy, powerful, and educated. He is a person full of memories, which represents the society at that time is always remembering the old times and doesn’t realize it is past.

Tom represents “old money” he has a powerful background, wealthy family. So that’s why Daisy wants to be with him. At the time women were not looking for true love, but men who can give them what they want.

Source: Dennis Lee